Ramen Brothers  

About us


Ramen Brothers Noodle Bar is founded in 2018 by the Wong brothers.

Having tasted some of the best ramen around the world, we decided to open our own ramen bar in the Netherlands. We found a perfect spot in the city of Haarlem to start our own ramen business. Haarlem is a city that is well known as a culinary city.

We make our ramen as authentic and original as possible. To maintain consistency and quality we decided to team up with a famous Japanese restaurant (Ishii) from Amstelveen. They provide us daily their freshly imported ramen noodles from Japan and their awesome homemade broth. We give our signature flavour to the fine bowl of ramen by adding our own homemade base sauce also known as "motodare" (we mastered the secrets of a famous ramen chef from Singapore). Finally we give it the finishing touch by adding original toppings such as fresh vegetables and flame grilled chasiu.

Our mantra is to serve fresh, healthy and tasty ramen with matching side dishes and delicious drinks like Japanese drafted beer, sake and whisky.

Our places are made as comfortable as possible, so enjoy our fine ramen bowls with relaxing background music and our free wifi (so you can keep everybody posted that you are eating at Ramen Brothers Noodle Bar!).

And last but not least, you are allowed to slurp at our restaurant. To us, the slurping sound means more than you having a comfortable meal, it is the sound of love and passion for good food. It makes our day great that we can share our passion and joy with you. 

Wai and Chung Wong